Types of drawers

Today, drawers form the basis of a well-designed kitchen. The modern Blum kitchen drawers emphasize the simplicity, the harmony and the control of the interior. They impress with their form and elegant design line. Mebel Arts has chosen for the models the top three series that perfectly match the modern atmosphere of the kitchen:

LegraBox FREE LegraBox PURE TandemBox Intivo Antaro

The practical solutions used by BLUM facilitate the preparation of meals and keep the organization in the kitchen cupboards. At the same time, they guarantee the optimal use of free space in combination with the high design design.

Blum LegraBox PURE

The sides of the LegraBox PURE drawer are one-piece without a separating rod. Inside the food storing drawer compartment, the front side is made of glass.

Its main feature is an elegant linear design and a very high comfort in movement.

Blum LegraBox FREE

The sides of the LegraBox FREE drawer are made of glass. Inside the food storing drawer compartment, the sides and the front side are also made of glass.

LegraBox drawer is the latest and most advanced Blum drawer system.

Blum TandemBox

The sides of the TandemBox deep drawer have a separating rod with a special slot for a decorative element such as glass or wooden surface. In the inner drawer of the food storing compartment, the front side has a handle.

Blum LegraBox SINK

Mebel Arts offers the sink drawer in all three series of drawers from the Blum company

  1. LegraBox PURE
  2. LegraBox FREE
  3. TandemBox Intivo Antaro
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