Alexander Ozdzenski

Alexander Ozdzenski

Alexander Ozdzenski

Interior Designer

When Design and quality materials are about to enter a house, the sight is simply revolutionary!

Inspired by this philoshophy in the past years, I devoted every single moment of my life to learn the art of 3D design. Through this I have the ability to unleash every inspiration and idea on my creations.

Accumulating years of experience in studying and designing, I have managed to provide high quality designs in every level of modelism and photorealism, in order to satisfy the needs of clients wanting practical and high quality solutions for their homes, with a proper quality to price ratio.

All the compliments and positive feedback I receive from people, give me the strength to continue the effort, believing that I can provide many more fresh ideas.

If your goal is to create something unique and innovative then I will be glad to meet you and present you certain bold design propositions through which you will visualize your space from a whole different point of view.

“We are Designers, we are not Gods.”


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