Free 360° design and detailed costing with images

Free 360° design and detailed costing with images

Mebel Arts company, which applies the most modern methods of costing and promotion of its products, is able to show from the very first contact with its customers the highest level of services it has.

To all our customers we offer up to two 3d designs with projection of at least three 360 ° cameras without any financial burden.

The display with The Gimbal coordinate system allows you to see the whole room by moving the mobile phone around you.

* Additionally you can connect to Virtual Reality Goggles to view the projection.

Along with the design, a financial offer in the form of a brochure is sent where all products and services are displayed in photos and prices per item. You also receive a complete contract and quality guarantees.

All this will help you to fully understand the charges and technical terminology.

Our customers' precious time is a very important concept to us!


What does it take to receive an offer?

  1. Contact us via the contact form below or via email
  2. Send us the design with the dimensions of the space
  3. Do not forget to note the dimensions and types of electrical appliances you wish to use in your new kitchen.
  4. In addition, information such as floor color, interior door and window color will help.

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