Frequently Asked Questions

Have you found any questions about how to buy in the MebelArts online store? So we suggest that you now read the short answers to our most frequently asked questions


In any EU country if you purchase products, you have two years at your disposal to ask for a repair or replacement if proven defective or do not meet the advertised promises. If the product cannot be repaired or replaced within a reasonable time or without problems, you can ask a return of your money or get a discount.

The two-year warranty shall take immediate effect once the delivery of the products is done, and you must inform the seller of any defect within two months from the moment you discover them.

Warning: All warranties of products covered by the production factories and only those are responsible for their excellent quality and the way they are manufactured. Where it appears that a product needs to be replaced, it is necessary to send us an e-mail with photos and brief description of the problem. This information may be done directly to the factory where the product was manufactured or to our company which will then forward it to the said factory.

After your application is examined by the competent departments of the factory which you addressed, you will receive reply information, which in the case of acceptance of responsibility from the factory, you will be informed about the recovery times of your problem.

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