DOME: The Platform That Redefines the World of Kitchen Furniture

DOME is more than just an app. It is the gateway to a world of luxury and functionality that revolutionizes the landscape of Mebel Arts. With DOME, our company has created a platform that offers our customers a comprehensive experience, covering every aspect of their interaction with us.

  1. Central Management Dashboard: When the designer completes the design, it automatically uploads a report to DOME. This creates a personal account for the client, where they can view all the designs prepared for them by our company in a 360° view. Here, the client can find all the offers they have received from the company. This provides an overall picture of available options, facilitating decision-making. The client can view and compare all the offers they have received, with the ability to update and delete them.
  2. Detailed Offers: The platform provides detailed information for each offer item, including high-resolution images and detailed descriptions.
  3. Account Summary: For each offer, the customer can instantly view the pricing of the furniture, providing transparency in invoicing.
  4. Other Offers: Customers can explore multiple offers for kitchen countertops and electrical appliances, finding the exact combination that suits their needs.
  5. Price Assurance: Customers can lock in prices for 10 days with a simple click, ensuring that there will be no price increases during this period.
  6. Accounting Ledger: Each purchase and payment is recorded in an easy-to-read dashboard, providing a complete overview of the customer's transactions.
  7. Warranties: Warranty terms are available to inform customers about their rights and product warranties.

Furthermore, DOME is connected to the factory's digital production, ensuring that orders are executed exactly as scheduled, without margin for error. This automated process eliminates the human factor and guarantees the high quality of products.

The Technology Behind DOME: DOME is not just an application but a tool that reinvents the customer experience with Mebel Arts. It seamlessly integrates with the factory's digital production, ensuring that orders are executed automatically 100% exactly as the customer requested. With a variety of services and an automated production process, DOME guarantees that our customers enjoy the highest quality, save time, and avoid the risk of errors. With DOME, Mebel Arts demonstrates how technology and luxury can converge in the world of furniture. With the promising destination to offer even more services, Mebel Arts remains a pioneer in the field.


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